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Reporting and service quality

Quality information, in the right format, at any time

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We believe an intermodal journey and user satisfaction is not possible without well identified, connected and maintained physical points between two mobility modes/vehicles!

With almost 110,000 referenced bus stops, WanReport can help you improve the quality of your service.

Efficiently manage your infrastructure

WanReport is an online platform that meets the needs of transport operators and local communities by providing passenger information as well as stop monitoring and maintenance.

Build and upgrade mobility repositories, from fixed points to stock management

Monitor the status and accessibility of fixed mobility points in real time

Provide users with up-to-date passenger information

Assess the state of fixed points in your network and adjust them if necessary

Streamline corrective maintenance operations involving different stakeholders (display provider, operator, local community) to report and correct faults

Easily monitor operations and indicators

WanReport, how does it work?

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WanReport centralises all the data relating to a network's infrastructure on a single online platform. A damaged bus stop? Your passengers can report the problem using the QR code available at the stop. Has a shelter just been repaired? Your staff can use their smartphone to provide details of the work carried out. Are you an operator wanting to carry out a compliance audit? You can design your own control grids and monitor your indicators.

WanReport, how does it work?

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WanReport simplifies the updating of theoretical passenger information and passenger information in disrupted situations. WanReport lets you quickly design your information media in line with your graphic charter, control printing and plan the distribution of your messages.

WanReport, how does it work?

QR code passengers can scan at bus stops to get travel informations
At stops, passengers can scan a QR code for immediate access to useful travel information.

“Imagine needing an information board quickly - with just 2 clicks WanReport can create the file for you! Its saves time and money!”

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Our packs


The Starter Pack helps you carry out an inventory of all components in your network, automatically generate passenger information for your screen displays, and oversee corrective maintenance.

  • Inventory to create a repository
  • Generating static passenger information for displays
  • Multi-party reporting and corrective maintenance tool
  • etc.
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Directly improve the quality of service perceived by your users by involving them in the feedback process and providing them with more comprehensive passenger information.

  • Starter Pack
  • Generating static passenger information for signage and digital solutions
  • Passenger information mobile application
  • Network disruption notifications
  • Intervention planning
  • etc.
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Benefit from a comprehensive infrastructure quality solution by providing your users with all the digital access they can expect.

  • Standard Pack
  • User application for passenger information and collaborative reporting at stops
  • Multi-channel communication with users
  • Website listing the stops
  • Software for generating personalised timetables for every user
  • etc.
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