Who are we?

Toute l'équipe Matawan

What do we do?

Matawan simplifies everyday travel by connecting public transport to all modes of mobility.


Our offering is based on a SaaS mobility platform to manage transport networks in real time, connecting them and providing the means to optimise them.

“We know that the choices each of us makes when it comes to getting around are linked to economic, environmental and social issues. We want to act to accelerate the modal shift to inclusive and environmentally-friendly modes of transport. We won’t be able to do this unless we make it easier for people to obtain reliable information, move easily from one transport network to another, pay their ticket for all modes of mobility in one go, and guarantee the best price according to their profile and their journeys. This is what drives us everyday and, I hope, will enable us to provide the best possible service to local authorities, operators and, of course, users”.

Jérôme Tredan – CEO Matawan

Our beliefs

For a single, indivisible mobility


Because it is urgent to free mobility from the silos that hinder it. Because freedom of movement is an inalienable right that everyone should be able to exercise whenever, wherever, and however they want. At the best possible price. And with ease. Because truly sustainable mobility adapts to the environment without restricting it. Because truly inclusive mobility takes issues like geographic isolation, precariousness and equity into consideration. Because truly connected mobility connects us to each other, first and foremost. Because the answer to the major challenges facing our society lies in the transformation of everyday travel. Because to reinvent mobility, we first need to reinvent ourselves. By uniting. By connecting. By contributing. By bringing all stakeholders together to ensure their interests converge. Because data should be used to solve existing problems, not create new ones. Because the future is not about flying cars but rather technologies developed with a genuine sense of reality. Because we are fully committed to mobility. 

Because what gets us up in the morning is working for mobilty that is in the public interest, one and indivisible. 

une mère et son enfant dan un bus

Our history

Transforming mobility


Matawan is a scale-up and member of the French Tech 120, that has transformed the mobility sector with its digital solutions.

Formerly Ubitransport, the adventure began in 2012 with a ground-breaking innovation: a SaaS mobility platform that transfers the intelligence traditionally embedded in vehicles to the Cloud. The aim is to manage and optimise public transport networks in real time.

Matawan’s history is closely tied to the history of mobility itself:

  •  Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS): we are driving the digital transition of public (public transport authorities) and private players.

  •  Interoperability: we enable different technologies to communicate with each other so you can travel on multiple networks with a single ticket or travel pass.

  • Open payment: we provide an electronic payment system so you can validate a trip directly with a contactless bank card.

  • Intermodality: we promote single-ticket mobility by connecting passenger transport, shared mobility and infrastructure.

Matawan is embarking on a new chapter in its history, building upon the expertise of our historic solutions as well as our subsidiaries.

With a strong desire to go even further and defy technological, organisational and geographical constraints.

We are united in our ambition to reduce car dependency, support passenger transport and turn it into the backbone of all forms of mobility.


"In the space of 10 years, we've revolutionised the world of mobility with our SaaS platform and enjoyed an incredible experience with our teams. To reinvent mobility, we need to reinvent ourselves. We now want to go further with Matawan and work together to create sustainable, inclusive and connected mobility. "

Jean-Paul Medioni, founder and chairman of Matawan.

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