Mobility intelligence

Understand and improve your mobility network

Optimise your mobility network by letting us guide you

WanData provides a SaaS platform and services to aggregate and harness mobility data. This means local communities,consultants and transport operators can:

Ensure their mobility offer is in line with users needs

Monitor what is happening on their network in real time (validations, sales, etc.)

Identify popular routes (O/D), problem connections and under-served areas

Identify overcrowded lines and network congestion points

Coordinate the different modes of mobility

Adapt their network and equipment to meet the needs of passengers with reduced mobility

Monitor the lead/lag rate for every line

Reduce fare evasion

Track vehicle maintenance needs

Optimise fuel consumption

Act on the environmental impact of passenger transport

WanData, how does it work?

Using our connected devices, API library and WanData dashboard plugins, collect data such as demographics, ridership and vehicle lead/lag, mobility supply/demand ratio, etc.

WanData, how does it work?

Analyse the data and extract valuable information. Understand the trends and hidden patterns using Data Science.

WanData, how does it work?

By using artificial intelligence, our data scientists assist you in your simulations, impact predictions and decisions.

Our packs


Understand your data using our analysis tool. Ideal for simple networks looking to improve their decision-making:

  • Statistical reports


Go further in analysing your data with our customised business dashboards. This pack is ideal for networks seeking to optimise the quality of their service:

  • Starter Pack
  • Business dashboard: exports, multi-operator authorisation management, API library


Our comprehensive data science and data visualisation solution, including advanced features such as forecast and modelling. Ideal for complex networks looking to maximise their data potential:

  • Standard Pack
  • Simulation
  • Prevention