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Set, sell and inspect fares

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We believe that mastering transactions (sales, validation, inspection) is the foundation for functioning MaaS*

*Mobility as a service

Towards a unified mobility

WanFare integrates a SaaS platform shared between local communities, passenger transport operators and connected equipment in order to:

Assign your fare range to a complete transactional engine

Connect public transport networks to others (ticketing interoperability)

Link public transport networks to shared mobility and infrastructure

Manage school transport networks from A to Z

validations per month including 5.9 million contactless validations
inspections per month
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WanFare, how does it work?

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WanFare manages tickets for school and commercial transport and can combine these tickets with infrastructure and mobility sharing rights. Our hybrid solution adapts to the specific characteristics of each network (sales, validation, inspection and fines).

WanFare, how does it work?

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Enable your users to move from one network to another using the same media and the same ticket, thanks to our hybrid equipment (validators, point-of-sale and control terminals) and the exchange of information between ticketing back offices.

WanFare, how does it work?

Set your network topology, customise your fare range and manage user information in real time.

For school transport networks

WanFare's school engine enables school bus routes to be created in SaaS and supervised in real time. WanFare can be interfaced with industry-specific tools (Transcol, Inetum's Pégase, Anvergur, etc.) as well as network topology tools, offering a range of possibilities, including:

Import a network topology

Design and plan routes

Manage an operation in real time


“It is the driving force behind our operation. The data, transport offers, ticketing, operations... they all pass through it. The solution is not just an accessory but the operating system of our entire network.”

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Our packs


Lay the foundations of your transaction system, whether it applies to commercial or school transport.

  • Set fare range
  • Prepare network
  • Sale, validation, inspection of tickets
  • Fare media, ticket or service interoperability
  • Driving assistance
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Expand the capabilities of your transaction system. Open payment and issuing fines are within your reach.

  • Starter Pack
  • Pre-recorded operational alert messages
  • Fines with infraction reports
  • Administration of school user lists
  • etc.
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Digitalise your entire passenger transport network. Drivers, users and staff will thank you for it!

  • Standard Pack
  • GPS driving assistance
  • Validation upon boarding and alighting
  • Adjustments for fare evasion
  • etc.
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