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As a leading French provider for transport networks, our solution simplifies everyday travel by connecting public transport to all modes of mobility. Our digital platform is designed for commercial, school, urban and intercity networks and we work with local authorities (regional councils, municipalities, etc.), major operators (Keolis, Transdev, RATP Dev), independent operators and mobility consultancies (Transitec, Egis, etc.).

We have been developing our services in France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland since 2012 and in Canada since 2018, working alongside local mobility authorities such as Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, MRC de l’Erable, MRC Pierre de Saurel and others.

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"Working as an operator under a public service delegation contract with the Communauté d’agglomération Arles-Crau-Camargue-Montagnette (ACCM), we have been working with Matawan since 2018 to manage commercial transport in urban areas. Back then, the ticketing system was obsolete and operated at department level, and the local community was looking for a lighter, more efficient solution. Based on its deep understanding of the driver’s role, Matwan was able to provide us with a state-of-the-art ticketing solution as well as a computer-aided dispatch system adapted to our network size, serving both the public transport authority and the operator. This intuitive and ergonomic system has allowed us to retrieve rich operating data and gain unprecedented visibility in real time. The solution was 50% cheaper and has saved us €300,000 thanks to the adjustments made on timetables and journey times".
“In 2018 we were looking for a company that would help us set up a commercial and school ticketing system. The solutions on the market were too cumbersome, too expensive, and too complicated to meet our needs. Our research led us to Matawan. What immediately appealed was the ease of use and flexibility embedded in their SaaS platform, both for the local community, the transport operator and the network users themselves. The quality of training, the rapid deployment and the continuous support made it easier for drivers to adopt the new system. Using Matawan solutions means saving time in the daily management of our collective and individual tasks: we were able to fine-tune our services by canceling or maintaining specific transit lines, adjusting journeys or timetables and developing much less contentious relationships with our users who were unhappy at the time about buses running ahead of schedule. Since taking on this system we provide reliable and timely information to passengers and, thanks to geolocation in real time, we receive far fewer email complaints.”
"Before Matawan our school transport service relied on paper tickets with annual or quarterly subscriptions. This system required complex internal organization that was prone to accounting errors. Furthermore, this paper system unfortunately facilitated fare evasion. The implementation of the Matawan ticketing solution and computer-aided dispatch system has allowed us to deeply understand and optimize our network. Now we are able to monitor the quality of service and collect data (traffic speed, timetables, etc.), making it easier for us to meet our users’ requirements on a daily basis. It has been a massive time saver! Our collaboration with transport operators is now much smoother and our tendering process has been hugely simplified thanks to more reliable data.”

Working alongside local authorities and operators