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Payment solution

Sell and validate contactless tickets

Paiement au valideur

We believe that Open Payment should be accessible to all public transport networks and should only be included in operating costs for those that want it!

Control the flow of passenger transactions

During a monomodal (one mode of transport) or intermodal (at least two different modes of transport during the same journey) trip, the user must be able to pay for their ticket and benefit from various payment methods and billing options. Thanks to our WanPay platform, transport operators and local communities can >>>

Ensure compatibility with their fare range, for any fare and profile

Allow three billing options: pre-payment, pay as you go, post-payment

Enable post-payment with fare optimisation on smartcards and bank cards

Offer a wide range of payment facilities

Make the right choice in terms of approval and payment gateways from their acquiring bank

WanPay, how does it work?

Our applications embedded in on-board validators communicate with the WanFare fare engine and its SaaS dashboard.

WanPay, how does it work?

Paiement en agence
Our smart solution provides users with the best payment option between open payment (flat fare) and capped post-payment. We guarantee the best possible prices for users who opt for post-payment!

WanPay, how does it work?

Débloquer un vélo partagé avec sa montre
We work in close partnership with the most relevant mass transit payment players to offer you the combination that best suit your needs.

Our packs


This pack allows you to receive payments from your online shop:

  • Online payment


This pack can meet 100% of your network’s electronic payment needs, excluding fare optimisation:

  • Starter Pack
  • Payment at the validator (flat fare)
  • Post-payment for smartcards
  • Payment gateway for POS terminal
  • Payment gateway for on-board sales and fare adjustments
  • etc.


Benefit from all WanPay features and ensure your users get the best prices and are able to purchase tickets at ticket vending machines:

  • Standard Pack
  • Open payment with fare optimisation and capping, post-payment
  • Transaction and event monitoring dashboard
  • Payment gateway for ticket vending machines
  • etc.