Jérôme Trédan, interviewed for the programme On se dit tout x Les Décideurs engagés

22 February 2024 Share
Interview décideurs engagés Jérôme Tredan CEO Matawan

"When will the single permit be available for travel in France?" This is the question that Jérôme Tredan, CEO of Matawan addresses to French politicians during his interview with L'Hémicycle TV

L’Hémicycle TV, billed as “the channel for decision-makers”, offers programmes to decipher the major issues of the day and give a voice to those who are seeking to transform society: political leaders, CEOs of major groups, directors of committed associations, founders of innovative start-ups, artists, etc…

Our CEO Jérôme Trédan presented Matawan’s raison d’être, mission and ambitions. It was also an opportunity to answer questions from the Collège de Paris and the International Women’s Forum France about our CSR strategy and our vision for gender equality at Matawan and our business sector.

Interview décideurs engagés Jérôme Tredan CEO Matawan

"When will a single ticket be available for travel in France? Why is it still so complicated to go from one town to another, and to worry about which ticket to use?"

Jérôme Trédan, CEO of Matawan.